Christmas Special Tamales


2 kilos corn breaking mass
1 1/2 kilos lard melt
1/2 kilo pork rib
1 goose of 1 1/2 pounds

4 cups cooked rice
3 cans chickpeas
2 cans peas (petit pois)
1 jar olives stuffed
1 pound cooked carrot, sliced
1 k vainicas cooked
4 chilli peppers, chopped
60 plums


meat with all the desired condiments, and sift the broth.
Add broth to the dough and mix well with wooden spoon.
Place in the fire and cook until it boils, while moving.
Add the lard melt and season with salt to taste.
Remove from the fire.

Place one tablespoon of the dough on banana leaves.
Decorate with all ingredients.
Wrap the tamale in the leaves and tie.

Cook tamales in a large pot with boiling water for 35 minutes.

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