Recipes List #2

Vegetables Salad

Emmental Cheese Toast

Steamed Fish

Gorgonzola Scaloppine di Vitello

Tangerine and Walnuts Salad

Brie Cheese with Jam DIP

Chickpeas with Mango Sauce

Latin Banana Ceviche

Barbecue Chicken Thighs

Marinated Beef Carpaccio

Poatato and White Wine Cream

Dim Sim Chinese Recipe

Cranberry and Ginseng Tea

Salmon with Mango Sauce

New Years Wined Pork Leg with Mustard

New Years Coconut and Macadamia Rice

New Years Cheese and Pistachios DIP

New Years Cabbage and Carrot Salad

New Years Pork in Chocolate and Tamarindo Sauce

Christmas Rompope Drink

Christmas Pork Loin with Onion

Christmas Eggplant with Tsatziki

Roman Christmas Lamb

Christmas Smoked Turkey Focaccia

Christmas Special Tamales

Wined Christmas Chicken with Mushrooms

Smoked Salmon Christmas Toasts

Potatoe and Apple Christmas Salad

Christmas Cuban Chicken

Christmas Marinade Feta Cheese

Christmas Hemstitch and Apricot Salad

Christmas Curry Rice with Tomato

Christmas Carrot and Orange Cream

Christmas Rack et Ruin

Christmas Cranberry and Champagne Cocktail

Christmas Peppercorn Pork Medallions with Cranberry Sauce

Christmas Salmon Crèpes

Christmas Golden Salad

Christmas Berry Martini

Christmas Gratiné Asparagus

Christmas Roast Beef with Horseradish Cream

Christmas Black Olive DIP

Christmas Fruit Cocktail

Christmas Grilled See Bass with Honey

Christmas Tomato Cream with Blue Cheese

Christmas Green Salad with Yogurt

Christmas Cajun Vegetables

Thanksgiving Wined Turkey with Mushrooms

Thanksgiving Sparkling Peach Cocktail

Thanksgiving Beet Mousse

Thanksgiving Turkey with Nuts Dressing

Thanksgiving Fruity Turkey

Thanksgiving Beef with Mint and Yogurt Sauce

Thanksgiving Onion and Cheese Omelette

Thanksgiving Sweet Onion Pie

Thanksgiving Turkey with Mashed Corn

Thanksgiving Macadamia Cream

Thanksgiving Saffron Potatoes with Almonds

Thanksgiving Black-Eyed Pea Humus

Thanksgivng Sparkling Citrus Punch

Thanksgiving Turkey Filled with Fruits

Thanksgiving Tuna Gratiné

Thanksgiving Smashed Potatoes witn Blackberry Sauce

Thanksgiving Coconut Shrimps

Thanksgiving Strawberry Salad

Thanksgiving Potato and Leek Cream

Creepy Halloween Popcorn

Halloween Snakes Soda

Halloween “Pinchos” Sticks

Halloween Eggs and Olives Eyeballs

Spaguettis with Tuna and Parsley

Salad with Goat Cheese

Tiger’s Milk / Panther’s Milk

Red Bean Soup

Tabasco Steaks with Parsley Butter

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